Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Trailer Progress

This evening I removed the useless shocks that were attached to the frame. They weren't attached to the leaf springs or any other part of the suspension, which lack an obvious attachment point. With some penetrating oil and a bit of elbow grease the nuts holding one went in but a few minutes. The other finally required a reciprocating saw to remove, due to poor leverage and stubborn nuts. Either way, they're both gone. After I removed them I realized one was so damaged it couldn't have attached at the other end even if there had been something to attach to. That took way more time than I'd hoped.

I also dry fit the two wheel wells again. One fit almost perfectly, and I was able to clamp it in position and drill it to prepare for tomorrow. I will have to remove it temporarily to trim a few spots and to enable a little bit of other work around where it mounts. The other wheel well proved more difficult to fit. First I discovered a pair of rivets that still needed to be drilled out. Then I found that some of the aluminum pieces I'd fabricated and installed over the weekend protruded into where the wheel well fit. A bit of trimming and fitting ensued until it almost fits right. I'll need to pull it tomorrow to trim the edge a bit more, but it is otherwise ready for drilling and installation.

Because of how long it took to remove the shocks, I only got about 2/3 of what I'd hoped to accomplished. Still, I hope tomorrow will be the big day, and that I'll get the wheel wells riveted to the sides. That'll be a giant step closer to getting the trailer a bit more closed up.

If you've actually been following this trailer rebuild, I just want to say thanks. If you haven't, you're likely not reading this, so, um, I guess any thanks would be superfluous.  :)

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