Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Airstream Closets and Storage

Since I posted earlier today about closets, I thought I'd briefly mention the closet and drawer situation with respect to the 1949 Airstream trailer I'm repairing and restoring. Though I'm currently weeks away from completing the replacement of the floor, I've been given consideration to the rest of the work involved. Adequate clothing storage space is a definite consideration. Most of the Airstream floor plans for that size and of that vintage (1948-1949) had two 20" wide closets, two 18" wide chests with five drawers each, plus additional drawers under the beds, not to mention kitchen storage. I don't need to bring along all my clothes, but enough for 7-10 days would be nice. Of course, it might not be just me along. If all that storage space could be used, it's probably more than adequate for even two people on a camping trip, possibly acceptable for three, but getting rather tight for four.

Created from content in 1949 Airstream brochure
Sadly, not all that space can be used. Space needs to be available for at least some of the camp gear like folding tables, folding chairs, canopy, grill, etc. Some of it can be stowed in the tow vehicle instead of the closet. Also, since there isn't a bathroom aboard the trailer, there needs to be space to stash shower shoes, toiletry bags, towels, etc. for use at the shower facilities. In any case, I do I probably need to reserve one closet for some of that, rather than for clothing.

That leaves one single 20" wide closet and the drawers. I can't use all the space under the bed and dinettes for drawers, as various systems are going to situated under them.  At least initially, I'm leaving out the stove and the rest of the propane-power appliances (furnace, refrigerator). In place of the stove, I think a similarly-sized chest of drawers could provide enough added storage space. If a trip lasts long enough, a visit to the laundromat will be required, but that should bring me to 14-15 drawers of about 16" x 15" x 5.5" size, plus the closet, plus some yet-to-be-determined number of drawers under bed and dinette.  I hope that shall be enough, but we shall have to see.

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