Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Trailer Progress

Much of today's work on the trailer restoration was devoted to the area seen in the photo below. The wheel tubs on both sides were dry fit, with a number of obstructions being removed on the curb side of the trailer to permit a good fit. The street side wheel well was able to be fit with much less difficulty.
Dry fitting the replacement wheel well. Note the adjacent entry step.

Most of the rest of the time was spent removing the old entry step, the wooden board for which was warped and may have been suffering from dry rot. The flooring attached to it was of unknown provenance, so I treated it as potentially asbestos containing and was wearing a breathing mask when working on it, and disturbed it as little as possible to get at the four hidden screws that were holding it in place. Finding they existing, then actually locating them, proved a far greater hassle than any other aspect of today's efforts.

Street side wheel well in position and marked so it can be cut to fit.

I just finished getting cleaned up from today's efforts and will be eating dinner. I may do more this evening, or not. If not, there will likely be an additional post, perhaps another book review, perhaps something else.

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