Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Semi-Productive Day

I finally finished reading The Sea & Civilization at lunch. Yay! Given that I was reading it in ten-to-twenty minute sittings at lunch time and an infrequent dinner, it went quick, but from any other perspective that was some of the longest 599 pages to read. I'll probably write a review tomorrow.

Tonight, though, I'm too tired. It felt like a long day at work. Then I spent nearly two hours working on the trailer after dinner.  I removed another 10% of the old floor plywood, some of which was rotted (hence the removal), and have got the battered old wheel well nearly clear to be removed. Afterwards I tool a thirty minute walk, showered, and spent about thirty minutes surfing the web, plus a few minutes writing this blog post.

I'll be going to bed in a just a few more minutes. For all that I've only been up fifteen hours, it has taken its toll on me. The trailer work isn't so much arduous as it involves a lot of awkward postures and awkward motion, the kind that make the body ache. So I bid you all adieu.

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