Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Morning Notes

I'm continuing to read Alma Boykin's engrossing new steampunk novel, The Language of the Land, but it has been slow going. That's not because the novel's slow-paced, but rather because I've been reading it in about 30-60 minute sittings right before bed, and I'm having to force myself to put it down so I can get up and be reasonably coherent when attending morning meetings. I'll post a real review when I'm done.

At lunch I've been reading The Sea & Civilization for nearly a month. This lengthy non-fiction work is quite interesting, well-written but sometimes dense with information, but length and density barely contribute to the slowness with which I'm proceeding. No, the 15-20 minutes I spend reading it at lunch is the real reason. But I've now gone from the ancestors of the Pacific Islanders paddling around tens of thousands of years ago through the start of WWII, so the end is near. Like as not I'll also post a review.

The weather here in southwest Ohio continues to be very variable. Today and tomorrow should be warm but window, and then this weekend should be cold and potentially snowy. [UPDATE: The snow has left the forecast!] The weekend weather bodes poorly for the trailer effort, but maybe I can get caught up on some of the outstanding work I'd put on hold (next chapter of The Forbidden Valley, getting the Plate Tectonics simulator on GitHub), or continue work on the drawers for the trailer, or any of a number of household tasks.

And now I need to get back to work.

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