Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Enough with the Rain and Wind

My normal route to work lies underwater thanks to the rains of the past two days.  Tree limbs are down all over the place. Wind whistles in the night, rattle things about. I've had enough. If it were ten degrees warmer and a bit calmer I could at least work on some things inside my Airstream trailer, finalizing a few things that need to be done before I can install the next section of floor. Instead, I stare out the back window of the house at the trailer beyond. The winds were too intense to make a walk outside an appealing prospect; the gusts were severe enough that I didn't even want to run to the the store for a few pieces of lumber for building the drawers for the chests of drawers that I need to build for the Airstream. Enough already.

Alas, I was too frazzled from work today to write.  Instead, I was reduced to doing laundry, cleaning dishes, watching TV, and reading up on how to construct drawers. I've done a bit of carpentry and woodwork over the years - helping Dad a little bit on home projects, constructing theater sets in high school, benchwork for model railroads, miscellaneous repairs and improvements in my own house - but until now I've never had to contemplate drawers. So now I've done my homework and have a clue. Still, I need the weather to cooperate just a bit before I can start making progress. Many adhesives, sealants, and paints have minimum recommended temperatures that make February an awkward month if you don't have a large enough climate controlled space to use.  So enough with the rain and wind and the cool temperatures, please.

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