Friday, March 10, 2017

RV and House Together

Now that's different! Over forty years ago, a man named George Bunzer designed a house that combines with an RV (Recreational Vehicle - either a motorhome or a travel trailer). A short article and floor plan were published in the October 1976 issue of Popular Science magazine. The author's son is still selling the detailed plans, including plans for a "hidden door" to use in place of the regular garage door shown in the illustration below.

From Popular Science Vol. 209, No. 4, p. 132
The idea seems to be that a person with an RV would build this at either a vacation site, or as a primary residence. One side of the structure protects the RV and provides the utility space and extensive storage, with the other side provides additional living space, a large close, and a full sized bathroom. Meanwhile, the RV itself provides the cooking facilities, sleeping space, and another bathroom.

More recent and less integrated approaches, seen in some buildings referred to as "RV port homes," can be found.  One example is this one.

However, I think I prefer the Bunzer original. I currently don't see myself building such a thing, but its a quite fascinating concept.

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