Saturday, March 18, 2017

Double Decker Teardrop Camper

I've learned not to say I've seen it all. That's a good thing, because I'd never seen anything like this before. I've seen teardrop camper trailers before, small trailers with little more than a mattress inside and a kitchen under a hatch at rear. Some of them are pretty neat. They are definitely on the small side, though not that small - the average interior height is perhaps six inches less than in a full-sized van.  Still, definitely not the claustrophobes out there.
Still image of double decker teardrop camper shown in linked YouTube video.
But I'd never seen one that was a double decker before. Expanding from teadrop height to standing height, yes. Fixed height but with a cross-wise "shelf" bed for little kids, yes. Expanding to provide two entire queen-sized "bedrooms" with about three and half foot of headroom above each, no. Not hardly. On the other hand, it seems quite real. You can check out a short video of it on YouTube.

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