Thursday, March 23, 2017

State of the Blogger

I'm sorry if the blog posts lately have been a bit short or on the boring side. The day job currently has me using brain power than normal, designing and developing enhancements to a complex Oracle database that has hundreds of thousands of lines of PL/SQL code, only a fraction of which I've ever dealt with before, with the original developer unavailable to consult with. Then at night I'm working on the trailer. I'm also trying with mixed results to get a walk in every day. Between it all I'm mentally and physically a bit tired. Hopefully things will start looking up after next week. By then I should be past, or nearly past, this project at work. Within three weeks I hope to have the trailer floor replacement complete, after which I hope the kneeling/crawling/bending/crouching/stretching I've been doing nightly should be greatly reduced.

Neither The Forbidden Valley and the Plate Tectonics simulator are forgotten, I just haven't had the mental bandwidth or energy to work on them. We'll see if things improve after the new floor is in and the current project at work is wrapped up. Until then, I hope my loyal readers (do I have any?) will bear with me.

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