Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Brief Note

Winter is set to return to southwest Ohio. I am not happy about that. I've been making slow but somewhat steady progress on renovation of my gutted Airstream trailer. Cold temperatures will interfere with glues, sealants, paint, etc. They will also make evening walks much less comfortable. Alas, weather control is not exactly something we have here in 2017 Earth. Perhaps in the future, or somewhere "beyond the heavens" so to speak?

On the plus side, I'll likely have a bit more time to catch up on some things for this blog. For now, I must content myself with the hope that the sealant I applied last night seals the few leaks I've so far found in the Airstream, for the rains come tonight.

I made no more progress last night on reading Alma Boykin's steampunk novel; I was too tired after I'd finished working on the trailer, taken my evening walk, and cleaned up for the evening. Only a few tens of pages were left. She's got a review up on her blog of a book on the search for the Sarasvati river, the vanished river around which lived the ancient, mysterious, and long-vanished Harappan civilization.

I've almost finished up The Sea & Civilization. I've made it through WWII and the Korean War and am in the middle of the containerization revolution. The statistics quoted in the book show an approximate 97% reduction in costs loading and unloading a freighter with containerization. That's pretty drastic and explains why it took hold relatively quickly, despite the need the completely reconstruct or replace port facilities and ships to accommodate it. Very interesting stuff. I shall probably finish reading it at lunch today.

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