Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Night and Day

I was home sick today, but that didn't mean I had much time to do anything.  Between sleeping much of the day, general sicky-ness, and lack of concentration, it was evening before I could even try to work one of the tutorials, and it nearly four hours for something that should have taken maybe an hour.  (This was part of why I was home sick.)

But I did complete that one tutorial.  I made it through the Day/Night tutorial before bed yesterday, and completed Tutorial 29: Mouse Picking today.  So now the skybox (but not the actual light) changes.

It is a cloudy day.  There is a box on the field ahead.
Night has fallen, and the box has been selected using the mouse.
Is that lady getting tired?  She's been standing there all day.
Yay!  Something was accomplished.  Now I shall go get some sleep and see if I can drag myself into work in the morning.

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