Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All Too Square

I'm continuing down the tutorial path I mentioned in yesterday's post.  There's now more types of objects in the scene, there's an absurdly boxy model of a person who moves through it (his body isn't animated, it just shifts position).  The camera perspective can be adjusted via the mouse (zooming, angle adjustment, etc.).  The character can jump - but he makes crazy leaps like he's Captain America or something - and there's no physics behind his non-vertical movement.  He can change his direction and speed in mid-air with the greatest of ease!

Absurdly boxy character walking through a cartoonish world.

I'm not sure how much farther I shall follow the tutorials.  At least through the next four or so.  I may try to hunt down some better models, as well - the ones I'm using were included with the tutorial, and are useful for development/testing purposes.  However, unless I'm aiming for a cartoon-like or surrealistic effect, I need better models.  I supposed I shall be searching online in the near future, regardless of how far I go with the tutorials.

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