Saturday, October 29, 2016

More GUI, less gooey

More progress was made on the GUI (graphical user interface) work I had done yesterday.  There are now rounded corners (when desired), text boxes, check boxes, and picture boxes.  The captioned panel can now be expanded and collapsed, and simple a menu mechanism now exists.  So what's left in the near term?  Small images (icons/glyphs) need to be supported for buttons, and the ones for the captioned panel for collapsing/expanding, and possibly for closing, need to be added. The gradient fill hasn't been implemented. Total development time elapsed is about eight hours.  I'd guess another four hours to finish off the items I noted above, and do some cleanup and reorganization of the code, and that will be it for phase 1.

See the check box toward the lower left?

Not the dialog box collapsed and moved into another position.

See the text box at bottom center, and the rounded edges of dialog box and exit button.
A very simple menu.  An application can call up a menu in a single line of code.

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