Sunday, October 30, 2016

GUI + Rendering = Awesome!

After lunch, I spent a bit of time working on the rendering engine.  I've reorganized it a bit into a new project, AwesomeWorlds.Engine.  It combines code from the tutorial I was following with new code I've written and a bit of old code I've had sitting around.  It also now integrates the GUI code I mentioned in my previous two blog posts.

Menu shown over (rather lame) rendering

I'm refactoring a bit of the input code, which had previously been a bit awkward.  I'm creating classes that mediate between OpenTK.GameWindow and the engine, rather than having all the mouse and keyboard code directly in one or the other.  It is cleaner and more portable that way.  Then it'll be back to either wrapping up the GUI work or getting the code I wrote while following the tutorial to integrate properly into my architecture.

Render at night, with dialog box and button shown.
OK, I'll admit it.  Awesome may have been overselling things a bit.  But I think its cool I now have a GUI in my OpenGL apps.  Now if I could just track down that pernicious memory leak that only happens when I combine the GUI code and the rendering code...

I may have a book review later, and/or another status update.  Or not.  We'll see.

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