Saturday, January 28, 2017

Slothful Friday

What a weird day.  I had a normal day at work, but the rest of the day seemed to disappear.  After work I ported OpenSimplex 3D noise from Java to C++ and met a friend for dinner and a walk at the mall, as falling snow, cool winds, and fading light made prospects of a real walk distinctly unpleasant.  When I got home I snuggled up under the covers with The Sea and Civilization and the next thing I knew it was nearly midnight.  No, I hadn't made gotten engrossed in the book - it was good and I read about twenty pages - but I fell asleep for over three hours.  Oops.  Not the most exciting Friday night on record.  I hope to have something more interesting tomorrow - hopefully either demonstrable (with screenshots!) progress on Plate Tectonics or another snippet of The Forbidden Valley.

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