Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oh, deer!

I fell asleep early last night, and awoke around 4 AM.  I woke up to find that it was cool but dry outside, and went to take a walk in my poorly-lit neighborhood.  I froze and searched about when a rustling sound, distinct but not super close, broke into my awareness.  I saw nothing, and resuemd walking.  And then I saw, more from the motion than having a clear view of it.  With the motion, I was able to focus on the dimly-lit figure that had appeared before me.  It was a deer!  I guess he'd been enjoying munching in a neighbor's garden, and my nocturnal wandering had disturbed him.

In revenge, three of his kin delayed my drive into work this morning as they made their own slow, sauntering crossing of my route.  Oh, deer!

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