Saturday, January 14, 2017

Plate Tectonics - 3

In preparation for releasing the plate tectonics simulator, I went to the site hosting the repository for the original PlaTec simulator, in order to confirm the license was LGPL as I'd thought.  I was correct, it was under the GNU Library General Public License.  However, I also discovered there was an update to the code two years ago, including some sort of Java-based GUI, and a C API to the code.  I'm going to look at incorporating the updated simulation code into my release.

I overslept, then spent a bit of time today helping a friend.  As a result, not much progress was made on this project today.  However, here's another pair of planets generated with slightly different parameters than yesterday.  Increasing the "restart speed limit" parameter from the default 5.2 value generally allows less time for the simulation to run per cycle.  Both were generated with nearly identical parameters to each other, but notice the difference one cycle vs. two cycles makes.  There are more mountains, and more larger mountains, with two cycles.

Result from seed 53, 1 cycle, 15 plates, sea level 0.75, restart speed 9
Result from seed 53, 2 cycles, 15 plates, sea level 0.75, restart speed 9

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