Monday, February 6, 2017


I don't watch much television these days. However, I'd spent too much time in front of a computer, felt temporarily "read out", and had a home-cooked meal to eat, so I actually did watch some television earlier this week.

I spent about four hours watching SyFy Channel.  They were running Captain America: The First Avenger, which I'd not seen since I caught it in the theaters.  It was still enjoyable.  I also caught a couple episodes of The Expanse, which appears to be based upon a series of novels I may track down at some point.  I'm not sure quite what to think about it, but it was nice to see an actual space series.

Then I watched Superbowl LI last night.  It was an exciting game at times, and some of the commercials were OK.  Also, I had another home-cooked meal to go with it.  This time it was German: beef rouladen, spaetzle, and red cabbage.  Not a bad accompaniment to a football game.

Both nights, I saw commercials for upcoming television series or episodes.  I don't think I shall make it a habit to watch too much television.  There just isn't that much of interest.  But I did get reminded that there are a small number of shows on that I like, that I'd forgotten about. And it felt good to veg out for a little bit.

So don't expect this blog to disappear because I spend all my time in front of the television.  Do expect a few more posts in coming days as I wrap up the Plate Tectonics simulator.  Do expect another snippet of The Forbidden Valley once I've fixed a few things.  And have a great day!

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