Thursday, February 2, 2017


I am bored.  Why am I bored?  Because I'm performing final integration testing on some rather boring but important code, prior to releasing it for UAT (User Acceptance Testing).  I am on my nth iteration of testing the code, various minor problems having cropped up that weren't apparent during development and unit testing.  This is why integration test, afterall.

Alas, since the code being tested is for certain timeout functionality, I have to allow for at least a little bit of time to allow the multitude of components involved to start up and start working before the timeout is applied.  This gives me a very few minutes of dead time during each test cycle.  It is not enough time to do anything particularly useful, however.  Hence this blog post.  I caught up on work emails on the first couple cycles, checked the tech news after, and then caught up on the blogs that aren't NSFW.  So now... this blog post.

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