Friday, February 10, 2017

Miscellaneous thoughts

In addition to working, walking, and eating, today I watched The Lego Batman Movie, an amusing new animated feature. It was a lot of fun and will likely produce a review in the next couple days. I'm continuing the cleanup of the Plate Tectonics code, and have finished updating the parameters export to cover all the new parameters.  A few fresh example worlds are shown below.  In a way, I've gotten sick of hearing about politics, but like a car wreck I find it hard to look away. I'm putting the Colonize program I described yesterday onto the back burner, but when I return to it I shall ponder renaming the method for natural population growth from the present four letter word to simply Procreate. 😉

Tonight was a big improvement over last night, and was quite neat with the moon.  Tomorrow is looking to be quite lovely weather-wise. Hopefully, I shall spend a chunk of the day outside enjoying it.

World created using seed 14 and one tectonic cycle.

World created using seed 14 and two tectonic cycles. Parameters otherwise were the same as above.
Note the rugged coasts and high mountains, typical of multiple tectonic cycles.
World created using seed 7 and one tectonic cycle.
Note only a few high mountains, and smoother coasts, typical of one cycle only.

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