Saturday, February 18, 2017

All the Live Long Day

I've been working on the trailer,
All the live long day.

Actually, it just seems that way.  I did spend quite a bit of time today and yesterday working on my ancient but decrepit Airstream camper trailer, making it slightly less decrepit. I did other things, as well.  I made trips to the orange big box store, to replace both the drill bit that broke and the second drill bit of the same size that broke 90 seconds later, and to pick up a few other items.

And I celebrated some friends' birthdays with them. I made a little more progress on reading The Sea & Civilization, and have at least reached medieval times, slightly more than halfway through the book. Venice is a new and growing power. As I'm only reading this book when I grab food out, progress has been understandably slow. It is actually quite an interesting book, covering seafaring across the entire throughout the broad span of human history. I'll write a review when I eventually finish it.

I just finished reading Amanda Green's Nocturnal Lives "boxed" set on my tablet.  The set consists of the novels Nocturnal Origins, Nocturnal Serenade, and Nocturnal Interlude. They're urban fantasy detective novels, a change from my normal reading, but a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend them if you like mysteries and urban fantasy. If you're only a fan of one or the other genre, I'd still suggest giving them a look - you might find you like them.

One of the things I picked up today was battery-powered inflater that uses the same battery packs as my battery-powered power tools.  It worked like a charm, showing the pressure. I had a 12 volt inflater that works OK, but I either need to have it plugged into my car's cigarette lighter/power port, or else run an extension cord and converter, and doesn't have a built-in pressure gauge.  What I bought today does have a built-in pressure gauge, and doesn't need any darn cords.  I love that.

And with that, I shall wish you all a good night.

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