Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pandora's Gate - 5

Pandora’s Gate
Copyright © 2016 by The Other Sean

This is part five in my ongoing experiment in epistolary fiction.

Dear Uncle Viggo,

Thank you for the your last letter. As you asked, I did not share the details of the lizard attacks with Elizabeth. Yes, we are still interested in more stories.

I’m sorry this reply is so late. There were some problems around the house, due to issues with the drains, and with the distractions I had forgotten all about responding. The newspaper today reminded me instantly. They report that Russia and France have declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary, but I couldn’t understand the details. I asked the teacher at school but he said to ask my father. Dad’s away for a couple week, so I can’t ask him until he returns, and Aunt Mabel couldn’t help. I tried reading the article again, which mentions “grave threats” and “grievous insults” but I couldn’t entirely make sense of it. Do you have any idea what the war is about?

Elizabeth really enjoys hearing your letters. I hope Aunt Mabel or I can get her to write another you another one. Please stay safe.

Yours truly,

My dear nephew,

Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate them, but the future lays in God’s hands. Denmark is not at war. We remain at peace here in New Jutland. We’ve had no news of attack upon on our neighbors across the frontier in New Prussia. Even if the Russians or French choose to attack them, the Danish Army on the frontier should keep any war from spilling into our lands.

You asked me to explain the war, and the best explanation I can offer is hubris and greed. Humans have three whole worlds just a gateway beyond Earth. Baltica, Pacifica, and Columbia may each have their own challenges, but the lands are almost endless. Yet still empires squabble over the choicest bits.

Let me think more on how to explain. It may be a couple days before I find the words for it.

Until then, please remain well, and don’t worry too much about your old uncle.

Your uncle,

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