Thursday, September 8, 2016

More playing with planets

I spent a little time continuing with the planets generator, but more time reading, and the only time I spent writing was this blog entry.  The gas giant coloring is a little better, but I need to do some refresher reading on why the gas planets have the colors they do.  Also, the implementation needs adjustments to be a bit less symmetrical in terms of color layout.

I did some sample rocky worlds, but they also need a bit of adjustment.  Impact craters are needed, for example.

My attempts at following F. K. Musgrave's example for a Venus-like world, described in section 5.4 of his dissertation, isn't coming out quite right.  OK, it isn't coming out even remotes right.  I think I shall need to do some additional investigation - this was supposed to be adding horizontally-steaked clouds to a yellowish world!

So what's next?  Making the adjustments and fixes mentioned above, first of all.  The shall come switching to using 3D Cartesian coordinates (via trigonometry) rather than 2D coordinates with an arbitrary Z value.  Wrapping these images around a sphere, like in Globe, will come after that.  But there's more, too - terrestrial worlds!  And rings on the gas giants.

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