Sunday, September 18, 2016

More planetary data

I've continued to play with the star system generation code during my spare time today.  I fixed the problems that were plaguing me yesterday and have more of the planetary data being generated, although you'll actually see fewer columns in the screenshot, as I hid many of them.  I need to finish up porting the rest of the planetary data calculations from C to C# - there's probably a couple dozen more useful attributes, particularly relating to atmosphere, temperatures, and hydrology, which all play a part in determining visual appearance (when I get to that stage).

I've also implemented the moon code, but the numbers of moons being generated seem awfully low. I shall have to check for bugs.  If there are none to be found, I may need to do some tweaking of the constants that control whether planets with overlapping/intersecting orbits coalesce or if one becomes a moon of the other.

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