Friday, November 4, 2016

Short progress post

Sorry, still no review.  I did make a bit more progress on the terrain.  The dialog box for generating the terrain is a bit better.  It now has a drop down list for algorithm selection, rather than an unruly clump of radio buttons at the bottom.  Musgrave's heterogeneous fractional Brownian motion produces some nice mountains with the parameters I'm using, producing tall rounded and peaked mountains with wide, relatively flat valleys in between.  I've also got paging working for terrains in combination with the fractal terrain generation, in a multi-threaded manner.  Get within a page or two (it's configurable) of the edge of loaded terrains, and more pages of terrain are generated.  Alas, I have to integrate the code for the entities (trees, foliage, etc.) back in.  The views below are from before the paging changes.  I also need better code for unloading "stale" pages.  The underlying OpenGL resources need to be released in addition to the regular .NET objects - currently that only happens upon application shutdown.

Terrain dialog with fractal landscape in background.

View from atop a virtual ridgeline

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