Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So Sore

I mentioned Sunday that I'd fabricated a replacement piece as part of my Airstream repair and restoration, and prepared to install it.  Yesterday evening I installed it. Alas, because of where it is situated, all of the work had to be done in a crouch, while kneeling, or from a prone position. I awoke this morning with sore arms, shoulders, pectorals, and knees.  Nothing serious, certainly nothing life threatening, but I had pains in places I'd forgotten there were muscles - until they were aching this morning. Now to go take some more aspirin.

I hope to write up another review this evening, or perhaps post another snippet. Plate Tectonics is not forgotten, but while the weather is mild walking, yardwork, and the trailer are taking priority. We're having unseasonably mild weather here in southwest Ohio - blame it on global warming, weather patterns, chance, or God, as you wish - but I for one have no complaint to make on the subject.

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