Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I'd like to be posting on the Plate Tectonics simulator right now, but I couldn't wrap things up on that tonight.  Instead. I had to act like an adult.  Some problems popped up at work, one largely of my own making, others not, and I've been spending the evening fixing them.  That's kind of what one does when one has responsibilities.  It is the adult thing to do.

Adulting is term new to me, but the concept itself isn't.  When one makes commitments, and has responsibilities, the adult thing to do is to meet them head on.  It isn't always easy, and may not always be possible, but it is the ideal, and one I strive to live by.  So.... back to testing to see if this patch works so I can get have a colleague run a formal test in the morning, to be followed by a few emails that need responses, and sleep so I can make it to a morning meeting promptly.  I leave you with this picture of why the erosion algorithm needs to be revisited once more.

Too much erosion is not a good thing!

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