Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Review: Three Winter Tails

Three Winter Tails is not properly a book, per se, so the title of this post may be slightly misleading, but it is a set of stories.  Author Alma T. C. Boykin presents three short stories set in her Cat Among Dragons universe - hence the "tails" in the title, rather than "tales".  The amusing title is just the start. The whole collection is good.  Each story is set back in the mercenary days of Rada Ni Drako, the eponymous "cat" of the Cat Among Dragons stories, but the tone of each story is different.

"The One Who Waited" is a serious and poignant tale.  The mercenaries are on a mission to repatriate recently-released prisoners of war.  "Winter's Wonders, Major's Woes" is more light-hearted tail, er, tale.  "A New Star Rises" is serious again, but in a different way than the first story.

I enjoyed all three stories, and heartily recommend picking up the collection.  No real prior knowledge of the main character, Rada Ni Drako, is required to enjoy them.  You can have read none of Ms. Boykin's work before and yet read them with little confusion - and at a mere $1.99 for the e-book or free via Kindle Unlimited, there's little risk.  If you have read other stories in the Cat Among Dragons series, then this collection should help tied you over until your next fix- I mean, until the next novel is released.

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