Monday, January 2, 2017

Things I Learned from Watching TV Sci-Fi

I've learned many things from watching television science fiction over the years. Among them are:
  1. The landscape of alien planets will look like southern California, Vancouver, or England.
  2. Most aliens speak English.
  3. Alien architecture mostly resembles human architecture.
  4. Artificial intelligences can be made to destroy the computers hosting them by confusing the AI.
  5. Heat dissipation in space is a trivial problem to solve.
  6. Most planets have a surface gravity similar to Earth.
  7. Most aliens are bipedal tetrapods.
  8. Aliens and humans can interbreed.
  9. Circuit breakers become a lost technology once a species reaches the stars.
  10. Humans will be able to manipulate gravity, create AI, and travel FTL,but will not be able prevent participants from being trapped in simulations.
  11. Humans who explore space will have their minds taken over by unknown aliens at least once every few years.
  12. In space, only aliens have religion.
  13. There are things humans are not meant to know.
  14. Unknown diseases of alien origin can be cured within days, even hours, of first being encountered.
  15. Aliens really dig women.

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