Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nothing to say today

I have nothing to blog about on this fine January day. I got out and walked a bit, since it was quite mild, and had pizza for dinner.  (Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta in Montgomery has some of the finest pizza in Ohio, in my honest opinion.)  I traced most of the route of the long-gone Fort Smith & Western Railroad in Google Earth. And now I'm going to go take a nice warm shower, then take Lincoln Paine's The Sea & Civilization to bed with me and read until I turn out the light and go to sleep.

Sarah Hoyt has a fun post on "real" animal names over on her blog.  It amused me and several of my co-workers.  Alma Boykin has cat photos on her blog today.  That's all much more interesting than I can manage right this moment.  I should have something more exciting tomorrow.

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