Saturday, November 5, 2016

Seamless in Cincinnati

We're now (almost) seamless in the terrains.  The surface normals calculated at the edges of each page of terrain are almost correct now.  In many cases, the seam is almost unnoticeable, while in other cases it amounts to nothing more than a slight difference in color to either side of the seam.  It was more glaringly apparently before because the normals at the edge were so far off that they were resulting in a "steep" normal that was in turn causing the rocky "steep" texture to be applied.  Next hurdle to jump: instanced rendering, so I can have decent foliage density rather than a sparse (pseudo) random scattering of trees here and there..

Anomaly at border has been vastly reduced.

Yesterday, normals were so far off the "steep texture" was being applied.

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