Monday, November 28, 2016


Mondays suck.  Even if you generally like your job, Mondays suck.  After being gone for several days visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday, the abrupt return to work came as something of a shock to the system.  So come lunch time, I decided to assuage my shocked system by seeking out some good old food.

This isn't to say I didn't have good food over the holiday trip.  I did - New Haven pizza is among the best, New Jersey diners make some awesome meals, and my cousins didn't slouch on Thanksgiving dinner - but I wanted something familiar.  Not something from a chain, either, but some good down home cooking.  I'd exercised restraint over the holidays, so I was perfectly happy with the thought of going to a local restaurant and chowing down on something tasty, rather than visiting the cafeteria.

Alas, reality set in.  It is Monday.  Almost every local place that isn't a chain is closed on Mondays. The BBQ place to the north, finally open in its new location, is closed.  The two BBQ places to the south are closed.  The Indian place nearby is closed, as is the Mexican place.  In fact, just about everything that's not a chain is closed today.  Did I mention that Mondays suck?

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