Monday, September 26, 2016

Some Interesting Websites

I've been doing a bit of research for the Ruritania story, and stumbled across a few interesting web sites over the past few days.

1. The US Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) compiled a series of recognition handbooks depicting ships, submarines, and aircraft from WWI and WWII.  A number are available online from the Historic National Ships Association.

2. In Britain, the Airship Heritage Trust is a group promoting education and preservation regarding airships.  I came across their website years ago, but revisited it just recently. They've got some neat pictures and plans of a lot of different airships from several nations.

3. The web site is devoted to, as the title on their page says, "The Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, U.S. Navy Airships, and other Dirigibles."  More neat stuff.

4. I also encountered a blog post at the Dieselpunks website about the British R100, complete with a few photos, one of which was new to me.

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