Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ice Giants

My original plans for finishing up the star system generator were rudely interrupted by finally finding favorable weather for lawn mowing, and by my favorite Philly steak place, Penn Station East Coast Subs (which despite the name is based out of Cincinnati).  Alas, while the Philly steak sandwich was most excellent, I don't like cheese on mine.  After what seemed like a long delay, I asked what was taking so long.  They were making me a new sandwich because the put cheese on it.  Okay, that's fine, but then they confused my order with another person's with a similar named, and when he came in to pick up his order, they gave him my sandwich.  Nearly 3/4 of an hour elapsed before I was finally able to chow down on my dinner.  They tossed in fries for free to make up for the delay, which was nice, I suppose, except I was trying to avoid the added calories.  With them sitting there, beckoning to me, I did devour them in the end.

Anyhow, no more progress on the star system generator this evening.  However, I did spend a few minutes on the planets program again.  I did some refresher reading in an astronomy text and online and discovered Neptune and Uranus are now considered "ice giants" rather than "gas giants." Visually, they're a bit different in appearance from Jupiter and Saturn, as well, with less chromatic variation in the photos I've seen, and being generally blue and green.  Therefore, I've adjusted the code to use a more restricted set of colors that are much closer, and I think that works better.

That's it for tonight.  Hopefully I'll get the chance tomorrow to complete what I had planned to do tonight.  On the code cleanup front, I've decided to put the code into an AwesomeWorlds namespace going forwards.  Implementing that will be part of my final code cleanup process for the programs, before I upload them to GitHub.

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